When Criticized

If you’ll trace your anxiety and stress back to its roots, there’s a good chance that it leads to some questions about whether you’re good enough, have what it takes, or measure up—all of these are self-worth issues. Nothing pokes at insecurities in life, which are issues of self-worth, quite like being criticized, sold out, passed over, or downright mistreated. 

Consider this: Joseph’s brothers sold him for twenty shekels of silver. Later, he oversaw all the wealth in the known world. When people sell you out, it’s based on their own insecurities, not your worth. Hang onto your sense of self, and to your dream (Genesis 37:28). Then, you’ll have confidence and compassion to speak into their lives from a place of stability and security. Like Joseph, perhaps you’ll be able to offer them a leg up one day.

Tommy BrownComment