Align Your Mouth With Your Money

Your words are powerful when it comes to finances. No, I’m not a health and wealth preacher, nor do I affirm the name it and claim it / blab it and grab it theologies that promise Christians Cadillacs and favor with God and money if they claim certain Scriptures. However, when my wife and I were climbing out of a pile of debt early on in our marriage, we learned that there is significant power in the ways in which we talked about finances. For instance, “No” is a powerful word. Like, “No, we’re not going to go out with everyone tonight” because we were choosing to save money to pay off debt. It’s not because we could not afford to go out. In fact, because of credit, you can usually afford just about anything you want, but you’ll pay for it later. We learned to say, “We’re choosing not to afford to go out right now.” Notice the turn of phrase. We put ourselves in control of our financial choices, rather than stating, “We can’t afford to go out right now.” One way puts us in charge of our finances; the other way puts our finances in charge of us. The Scriptures are clear—money serves us, and not the other way around. Consider how you talk about money, and align your mouth with your money. 

Tommy BrownComment