Doves, Lambs, and Double Standards

No child wants to pay reduced lunch rates at school when her friends pay full rate—this is one deal that signals to the cosmos that your parents make less than your friends’ parents.

I wonder what Mary felt as she walked to the Temple to offer the purification sacrifices required of her in light of the birth of her son, Jesus. “Doves or lamb, young lady?” may have been the greeting that reminded her that there was a double standard, a cut rate sacrifice for the poor—reduced rate and full price, doves for poor, lambs for rich. “Doves, sir” the maiden replied. Mary and Joseph were poor. I see her hanging her head.

The Holy Spirit swirled like blue-flame fire within Simeon’s belly, summoning him to the Temple. The Lord had made him a promise—you shall not die before you see the Lord’s Christ. That old man locked eyes with baby and his tongue lit: “My eyes have seen…a light for revelation and glory.”

Mary lifted her head. She and Joseph marveled at what was said about him. I suppose had they known they held the Lamb of God they would see why turtle doves would suffice for now.

It’s not what you have to offer but Who you have in your life that matters most.

This Christmas, give what you can, but receive what you have—The Christ is with you.

Luke 2:22-35

Tommy BrownComment