Dust and Deity

In three days The Seven Money Types enters the world. It's been simmering for ten years.

My heart is calm; my soul is still. All is well, even though many challenges surround me.

As I reflect on what matters in life, it's not success, or notoriety, but you. 

Your life is a word from heaven.

And, I hear God in your story:

Through the Abraham types who use money to demonstrate God's hospitality. 

Through the Isaac types who use money to reveal God's discipline.

In Jacob types who use money to bring about beauty.

When Joseph types use money to make connections.

Through Moses types who reveal God's endurance through orderly finances.

When Aaron types reveal God's humility through how they use money.

And, through David types who lead the way financially.

Your life is a word from Heaven. The way you handle money reminds us of God's love.

Or, at least it can. 

These are The Seven Money Types, and together they reveal the image of God, the image of what is possible when our intentions and imaginations align with our soul's deepest desire.

This is the story I'm called to tell - the way God designed us plays out in how we handle money in one of seven ways, and how we handle money is meant to reveal something of God.

You know the story: We're made from dust and deity. Our relationship to resources is inextricably linked to our relationship to God. 

This is what it means to be God-imaged - to properly relate to the resources of creation and the Creator.

Three days until this word enters the world. And my heart is calm. I'm grateful.



Tommy BrownComment