Lower Your Expectations

I once had a girlfriend who told me I often disappointed her. I finally told her, “Lower your expectations or get another boyfriend.” I ended up making that decision for her - best move I ever made. She wanted a hero; I was just a steady, unimpressive, hardworking young man.

When it comes to growth, whether your goal is improved financial health, physical exercise, or spiritual matters, lower your expectations and shrink your goals. How’s that for motivation? Seriously, so many are stuck because they have Hero Syndrome; they won’t do something small because it’s not impressive enough, whether by their own standards or another’s standards they’ve imposed upon themselves. Lower your expectations and shrink your goals. When you get going, then start thinking bigger. Take small, consistent steps in the general direction of your intention, and let it be enough. Be proud of that. Soon, you’ll look back and see how far you’ve come.

Tommy BrownComment