Awareness Not Amounts

A rich guy is turned away because he will not sell everything he has and give it to the poor.

A servant is chastised for not turning a few bucks into a pile of cash.

A poor widow is commended for giving a cent - all she has - into a defunct religious system.

A woman pours expensive perfume on Jesus’s feet; Judas interjects; Jesus allows.

A couple claim more generosity than is true; God kills them.

If you’re looking for a rule to follow when it comes to following Jesus with your finances, stop now, because you’ll only get confused. Instead, here’s a principle:

When it comes to stewardship, it’s not about amounts, but awareness.

Neither your 10% gift, your Sunday offering tip, nor giving it all away satisfies a spiritual stewardship quota that allows you to stop discerning how the Spirit, today and every day, is leading you to love God with all your heart, mind, and strength—which includes your finances.

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Tommy BrownComment