Understand Your Money Mindset

I coach Little League baseball, and one seven-year-old continually asks me why he must do whatever I'm asking him. "Hey, Junior, move over to the left," I said. "Why?" he inquired. "Because I said so," I barked. He looked at me and asked, "Okay, so what's the baseball reason?"

After I filtered everything I wanted to say, I realized that it actually was a good question. Sure, he needs to shut up and move (I don't have time to explain everything between plays), but if he doesn't understand why he's doing what he's doing, then he won't grow.

Most teachings on money focus on what you should do: save more, spend less, get a budget, and so on - all good. But stewardship, which is our true vocation as humans, is also about getting in touch with why we do what we do.

There are seven money mindsets that influence how you handle money, seven money types, if you will. And, seven biblical characters embody or depict these seven mindsets:

Abraham - Hospitality: This type loves to use money to make others feel special or noticed.

Isaac - Discipline: Seeks to maximize every dollar.

Jacob - Beauty: Uses money to create beautiful/pleasurable experiences or purchases.

Joseph - Connection: Money is a tool to forge relationships and connections.

Moses - Endurance: Money should be carefully organized.

Aaron - Humility: Money is a tool to serve those in need.

David - Leadership: Money creates new futures and builds a legacy.

Understanding your money mindset helps you realize that, whether you have much money or very little, you can use it in a way that brings you joy and that brings God glory. Discerning the money mindset of those around you may help diffuse financial tension.

When you understand your money mindset, you're better positioned to change unwanted behaviors and emotions. To discover your money mindset, take the quiz.

Tommy BrownComment