Spiritual Schemers

"Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you," spoke Jesus, and St. Matthew grabbed his pen and added these words in his Moleskine right after chapter 6:32 (that's precisely how it went down).

Now there's a formula any spiritual opportunist can bank upon; this is God's economy sure as shootin' - if I just do the thing that God wants, I will have the satisfaction of doing the hard spiritual thing and also obtain the guarantee of getting all these things in the end. It's as certain as Solomon asking for wisdom and getting wealth.

It's the ultimate spiritual humble brag, no?

But Jesus is not into schemes, and God does not give us wily chaps what we want, for God is not into schemers. You know God is up on the game, right? God is up on the game when Mayweather gives God a shout out on social, because "without God, none of this would be possible." God is up on the game when I pay my tithe to keep the hedge of protection up and the locusts away - spiritual insurance at its finest that allows me free reign over the 90% because the 10% does the necessary God-work.

Seek first the kingdom, and get all the things added - guaranteed.

It's a slick way to seek first "all these things" and drape it in God talk, and this is not what Jesus was talking about.



Tommy BrownComment