Close the Doors and Windows

Photog. by bforbonnie

Photog. by bforbonnie

In a podcast interview this week, the host asked me for one tip to help people get their finances in order, to which I replied, "Learn to say, 'no' to anything that keeps you from your Yes." Your Yes is your intent, your goal, your desire. 

A 14th C. mystic wrote:

Close the doors and windows of your spirit against the onslaught of pests and foes and prayerfully seek his strength; for if you do so, [God] will keep you safe from them.
— Unknown, The Cloud of Unknowing

You can probably identify a list of financial pests and foes fairly quickly, but if you need help, keep all your receipts for 30 days and at the end of this period, place them on a table before you (you might have to print out online receipts, but do it). Are there expenses that keep you from your Yes, whatever that might be? And, if you can't identify your Yes, then you have no pests and foes, you just have friends who are taking you where they want you to go.

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