Morning Prayer

The prayer of the morning will determine the day.
— Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Perhaps it’s because I turn 40 in January. Perhaps it’s because I’m responsible for care of souls in my work. Perhaps it’s because I’m father to two children and husband as well. I don’t know the reason, but I seek a more disciplined life in the Spirit to go about my day, my work. There’s no time to waste. Each hour is either lived as unto the Lord or it is wasted, burned like a dollar in the backyard.

Pastor Bonhoeffer wrote: “Wasted time, which we are ashamed of, temptations that beset us, weakness and listlessness in our work, disorder and indiscipline in our thinking and our relations with other people very frequently have their cause in neglect of morning prayer” (Life Together, 71).

When we are prayerful in the morning, reading Scripture and making our needs known before the Lord, we approach our work mindfully, aware that we do it for and with the Lord. Our prayer and our work work together. Without prayer, our work lacks its full potential. Without work, our prayer has fewer outlets through which to exercise its power. Prayer and work - six days a week, then a holy day of rest.

The prayer of the morning determines the day. If you decide to set your sights on any personal goals, begin here, in the morning, in prayer.

Tommy BrownComment