The Seven Money Types Moment: The Abraham Type - Hospitality


The way you think, feel and behave with money is what I call your money type.

Your money type impacts your financial decisions and the way you behave in a relationship when it comes to money. It can bring you great joy or create tension. Your money type is neither good nor bad - it just is what it is. Discovering, understanding and embracing your money type is an important step on the road to financial well-being

There are seven unique money types and each of them is modeled for us by one of seven biblical characters. You’ll resonate with one of these seven money types more than the other six.

Today, I want to explore the first of the seven money types: The Abraham type. The Abraham type is all about hospitality - using money to make other people feel special or noticed. We see this in the life of Abraham most clearly when three traveling messengers come to him in Gen. 18 and he offers them a little water and something to eat and then throws a full-on feast. He demonstrates exceptional hospitality.

Abraham types most instinctively use money in hospitable ways.

You see, Abraham had a promise from God: All the nations of the earth will be blessed through you.

You know the person who loves to give gifts, to host people in his/her home, who loves using money to make life more pleasant for others? You’re probably dealing with an Abraham type.

If you look at an Abraham type’s banking records, you’ll notice that they often spend on giving gifts and supporting causes that help other people experience love and affection.

You might be an Abraham type if:

  • You often use money in ways that exceed expectations. You can’t just show up at the party with a small veggie tray; you have to bring homemade chicken marsala.
  • You spend money on everyone else’s needs and put your own needs last.
  • You love to use your resources to bless others and receive no recognition.

Each type has a shadow side, and the shadow side for an Abraham type is self-sufficiency

You might be an Abraham type if you have a difficult time receiving the generosity of others.

In The Seven Money Types, I help you better understand the Abraham type, its core characteristics and shadow side. I also give you tips to grow and resolve financial tension.

Understanding and embracing your money type empowers you to use money in a way that brings you joy, while being aware of your money type’s pitfalls or shadow side. This understanding can also bring about greater unity in a relationship.

For now, I want to encourage Abraham types to do one thing that brings them joy:

  • Carve out a little money in your budget to spend on something that makes you feel good.
  • Go get a massage or play nine holes of golf (whatever brings you joy).
  • Go see a movie you’ve been wanting to see.
  • Buy that nice briefcase you’ve been wanting.
  • Set aside a day for personal well-being and turn don’t check your phone as often.
  • Receive blessings when they come your way and simply say Thank you!

The bottom line about Abraham types: You love to use money to make others feel special and valued and you have a difficult time receiving generosity from others. If you don't take care of yourself, you can't fully take care of others. You are so important in revealing God's hospitality in the world. Do what brings you joy with money!

If you’re curious about your money type, take the quiz. 

The Seven Money Types is available in print, Kindle and audiobook.

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