3 Quick & Easy Money-Saving Hacks


Here are three money-saving hacks the Brown family has implemented during the past few months. They're not complicated and don't take much time. 

1. Online grocery shopping. There are some items we only buy from Trader Joes, but for everything else, there's Walmart. Save all the comments about sprawl and the Big Box Beast, the Brown family budget is what it is and there's no shame in this game. When we began online grocery shopping, our monthly grocery expenses dropped over 20%. We think this is because not being in the store omits impulse buys or buying that thing we forgot we needed. There's no fee for ordering and you simply drive through the line like you're picking up a prescription. Our groceries are loaded for us and we're on our way. It saves time and money - double bonus.

2. Turn down the water heater and shut the blinds. This past Summer, we received a notification from our energy company that our energy consumption was much higher than comparable homes. Now, we have four people and two dogs dwelling in this home, so I'm uncertain that all variables are accounted for, but it sparked a challenge. We did half an hour of research and learned that if we kept our blinds closed (except when we wanted to gaze outside), kept the house a couple degrees warmer than usual (especially when not in the home), turned off lights when not in use and turned down the temperature on the water heater from Seventh Circle of Hell to Just Enough to Knock Off the Chill, we'd save money. Um, yeah, we saved money - like almost 40% on our monthly energy bill.

3. Cut the Cable. Our cable and Internet provider sucks. Bottom line: when we cut the cable and kept Internet, we saved $250/year. Many shows can be streamed. And, with that extra $250, you can plant a garden, buy some books or burn it in your backyard. A little less screen time is probably healthy.

Put the axe to the root of one financial energy drain this week. Just Begin. Do something that feels good with the extra cash this month. That will be different for each of The Seven Money Types. Abraham types love using extra cash to make others feel special and noticed. Joseph types love creating community moments with extra change. Isaac types - they're probably investing it or saving it. 

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What's your favorite money-saving hack?