The Seven Money Types Moments: The David Type - Leadership


Today, I want to explore the last of the seven money types: The David type. The David type loves to use money to create new futures. 

David types are financial leaders. They inspire action. They live for the future, for what's next, and they see it clearly. David types are driven by why - a strong sense of purpose compels them. And, they love to enlist others toward their visions. At their bests, David types desire to use their financial leadership to set the next generation up to win. Entrepreneurial, risk-taking and bold, David types helps us imagine new futures and use their financial skills to get us there. You could call them empire builders, except that with a biblical imagination we remember that empire is not the friend of kingdom-seekers.

Each type has a shadow side and the shadow side for David type is selfishness. They can become so consumed with their mission or goal that they run over people and use them for their own benefits. Do you recall how David sinned against the Lord through the selfishness of adultery while subsequently murdering the woman's husband? All of this happened while David rested in his success rather than fighting for his kingdom. David types must keep taking new ground for God and using money toward these good and noble ends.

In The Seven Money Types, I help you better understand the David type, its core characteristics and shadow side. I also give you tips to grow and resolve financial tension.

Understanding and embracing your money type empowers you to use money in a way that brings you joy, while being aware of your money type’s pitfalls or shadow side. This understanding can also bring about greater unity in a relationship.

For now, I want to encourage David types to consider doing one of the following:

  • Open a door of opportunity for a young person. You're a leader, and leaders have followers. Is there an up-and-coming leader who would benefit from a coffee conversation? Who could use a leg up?
  • Revisit your why. As a David type, you can get so focused on the future and your projects that you forget why you do what you do. When's the last time you set apart a day for personal visioneering? Too busy? That's my point.

The bottom line about David types: Like David in the Scripture, you inspire action. Your clear sense of purpose and mission for the future are commendable. You love to use money to set the next generation up to win so that they don't have to overcome the same obstacles you faced. You are at your best when you refuse to make your victories about yourself, when you set goals that benefit the group. Dream big. Serve well.

If you’re curious about your money type, take the quiz. 

The Seven Money Types is available in print, Kindle and audiobook.

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