The Seven Money Types Moments: The Joseph Type - Connection


Today, I want to explore the fourth of the seven money types: The Joseph type. The Joseph type is all about using money to forge connections. Like Joseph in the Scripture, they are are strong relationship builders and connect the dots between life, faith and finances. Joseph found himself in one tight spot after another, but because of his connections and stewardship, he continually rose to the top. Our Joseph type friends believe money opens doors and is a tool to develop meaningful connections.

Joseph types love to use money to open doors of opportunity and make connections. 

Joseph types are the informal mayor - the networker extraordinaire - of their social circle. They're at all the gatherings, important lunches and seem to know all the right people. They use their resources and relationships to ensure they're at the table, whether at an important gathering or over lunch with an important relationship. They enjoy opening doors of opportunity for others. They're also usually great systems thinkers and are very intuitive people. They can read a room at a glance.

Each type has a shadow side and the shadow side for a Joseph type is manipulation. They can use their extensive network of relationships to get what they want at your expense. They often come off as name-droppers and boastful.

In The Seven Money Types, I help you better understand the Joseph type, its core characteristics and shadow side. I also give you tips to grow and resolve financial tension.

Understanding and embracing your money type empowers you to use money in a way that brings you joy, while being aware of your money type’s pitfalls or shadow side. This understanding can also bring about greater unity in a relationship.

For now, I want to encourage Joseph types to consider doing one of the following:

  • Use your network to open a door of opportunity for an up-and-coming leader or young person. Take them to lunch with someone who can impart wisdom, and pick up the tab.
  • Review your list of recurring social obligations. Are there some that are draining you? Which ones need to go?
  • Set aside dream time. Joseph types love to live in the future. This week, carve out some dream time in a space you enjoy and revisit one of your dreams you haven't thought about in a while.

The bottom line about Joseph types: You love to use money to connect with others and open doors of opportunity. Others look to you to help than make important connections. You aren't successful because you have all the answers and are an expert at everything, but because you see the beauty and strength in others and you rely on the activity of God in their lives to bring energy to your own. You need not manipulate others from your shadow side, but rather tell the truth and trust God to open doors for you.

If you’re curious about your money type, take the quiz. 

The Seven Money Types is available in print, Kindle and audiobook.

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