A Life of Abundance is Continually Received


A life of abundance is never acquired or achieved, but rather it is continually received.

Some work requires hard labor, but the spiritual person realizes that the strength to wring profit from the earth comes from God. The spiritual person also possesses the wisdom to rest, understanding that God creates and sustains the world.

The Jewish mind - the mindset with which Jesus was intimately familiar - thinks that the day begins with evening, and so we start each day flat on our backs. "There was evening and morning, a first day" (Gen. 1:5). When we awaken and rise, we enter into a day where God has already been well at work. We join God as creators. We sing harmony to God's melody. We jump into the circle dance of Trinity at play. But, we realize we're always joining the work, the melody, the dance. We're not creating or initiating it.

Tommy BrownComment