A Voice Who Guides You

I'll continue the thread I began last week, where I shared five things I've longed for as a disciple of Jesus. Here's the first post, in case you missed it, where I wrote about "A Tradition that Anchors Me." 


A Voice Who Guides You

"You don't feel the need to accomplish anything, do you?" Pastor Kevin Frack often asked questions like this. He wanted to ensure that I hadn't relapsed into the type of minister who feels the need to scurry about and get things done, rather than walking with Jesus and joining the already-at-play activity of Spirit. "Not yet," I replied. "Thank God, not yet."

Kevin is a few years down the road from me. Several years ago, I asked him if he would meet with me for a meal or coffee on a weekly basis so that I could say out loud the often-jumbled impressions swirling around in my brain. He agreed. He took my calls. Responded to my texts. Showed up for a meal or drink every week. In short, he paid attention.

I hadn't spoken to him since we arrived in Florida in June. I've served at the church for a little over a month. I called him last week as I drove to church. I missed him. I wanted to hear his voice. But, more than this, I wanted him to ask me a question - any question, because I grapple with his questions the way that Jesus's hearers grappled with his. A seasoned spiritual director or mentor asks these sort of questions. 

I hear his voice in my head often. When I'm speaking with a parishioner. When I'm reading or praying. When I'm with my wife. His voice guides me. It's a voice of Spirit. 

We all need a voice who guides us. We all need someone(s) in our lives who have walked with Jesus a little longer, or perhaps a little deeper. The Lord seems willing to open our eyes to those who can walk with us, if we are willing to ask.

Is there a voice who guides you?

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