Over the Mythical Wall: Guest Post by Andy Zipf


Meet Andy Zipf, whose music I love - especially this song. Sometimes, we pick up the phone and talk about what it's like to better align our work with our passion. Recently, Andy put a few words to paper. I'd like to share them with you.

South. Over the James River, into the Cape Fear River Basin and off of the highway, looking for a way around, through towns whose names I have not memorized, across the America that does not light up the screen before we go to sleep. 

The Living House of Prayer for All People is boarded up. It’s broken steps lead nowhere. Next door, “JAY’S” sells gasoline, tackle, liquor and adult gifts. A bright green Port A John is in the middle of the road. In orange, and all caps, “TRUMP TOWER” drips down its side. 

People live their entire lives here. What songs of hope do they sing? 

Somehow, after a hundred false starts and failures, I have been given the opportunity to provide for my family by making music. I’ve hoped for this, but I didn’t think it would come from the Church. Yet, tomorrow*, I begin my first day as music director and artist in residence for a Presbyterian congregation in Jacksonville, FL. If that sounds crazy to you, then friend, we are on the same wavelength… because this gift is nuts and unexpected. 

Do you know what it like to fight for something so long, searching for a way over the mythical wall, and then suddenly be told, “Here is a door. Walk through.”? 

All I can do is laugh and say Amen.

*Andy shared this with me a couple of weeks ago, but I've saved it until now.

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