A phone call with a stewardship minister on the West coast - much talk about empathy being the key to finding financial unity and fundraising.

A conversation with colleagues regarding branding - much talk about empathy being the key to creating a brand that tells all of our stories well, and how a word or mark can symbolize the whole story we hope to tell in a grunt.

My wife wrapping my ankle with a bandage - no talk about empathy, just empathy talking through action.

My son pouring my coffee and sitting it on my desk - “Dad, do you read your bible first, or another book?” He sees me - more empathy.

The Word becomes flesh and moves into the neighborhood (John 1) - empathy.

A FB message from an old friend inquiring why God “needed” sacrifices anyhow - empathy, though I know it’s not enough words to satisfy anyone’s curiosity about the topic.

Empathy invites me beyond my preoccupations and fears into the pain and possibility of the divine image right in front of me. Accepting this invitation, I actually awaken to the pain and possibility in my own life that I’ve been afraid to see.

Tommy BrownComment