The Seven Money Types Moments - The Isaac Type: Discipline


The way you think, feel and behave with money is what I call your money type.

Your money type impacts your financial decisions and the way you behave in a relationship when it comes to money. It can bring you great joy or create tension. Your money type is neither good nor bad - it just is what it is. Discovering, understanding and embracing your money type is an important step on the road to financial well-being.

There are seven unique money types and each of them is modeled for us by one of seven biblical characters. You’ll resonate with one of these seven money types more than the other six.

Today, I want to explore the second of the seven money types: The Isaac type. The Isaac type is all about financial discipline; they maximize their resources. We see this in the life of Isaac most clearly when he recovers and restores the wells that his father Abraham dug, which had been stopped up by Philistines (Gen. 26). Isaac is persistent and will not relent in the face of adversity. He demonstrates discipline. Isaac types are the same with money.

Isaac types are disciplined with money and maximize it to the full.

You know the person who has to get the best deal on everything, who hates wasting money on frivolous expenses and would rather save a dollar for tomorrow than spend it today? You’re probably dealing with an Isaac type.

Isaac types know how to stretch a dollar, and getting the best deal on a purchase is their top priority. 

You might be an Isaac type if:

  • You're a really tough negotiator and feel like you've lost if you don't get the best deal.
  • You have the ability to make the most out of whatever money you have.
  • You are persistent toward your financial goals and will not give up. You love a good challenge.

Each type has a shadow side, and the shadow side for an Isaac type is fear.

You might be an Isaac type if you often think about what might go wrong in your financial future.

In The Seven Money Types, I help you better understand the Isaac type, its core characteristics and shadow side. I also give you tips to grow and resolve financial tension.

Understanding and embracing your money type empowers you to use money in a way that brings you joy, while being aware of your money type’s pitfalls or shadow side. This understanding can also bring about greater unity in a relationship.

For now, I want to encourage Isaac types to consider doing one of the following:

  • Name the fear - write out what it is you are afraid of financially and make it a matter of dialogue with your partner and even a matter of prayer.
  • Lighten up - carve out some portion of your budget just for play money
  • Meditate on this little promise God made to Isaac: "I will be with you."
  • Realize that your type is not better than others. You're so good with maximizing money and American culture rewards this type. But, there are others who can teach you to enjoy life with money.

The bottom line about Isaac types: You love to maximize money and you think about it often. You are regularly concerned about the financial future. Learn to focus on what is and trust that God will walk with you into the financial future. You are so important in revealing God's discipline in the world: we know you can turn around any situation and will see things through. Do what brings you joy with money! You are very disciplined with money and we respect this about you.

If you’re curious about your money type, take the quiz. 

The Seven Money Types is available in print, Kindle and audiobook.