The Seven Money Types Moments: The Jacob Type - Beauty


The way you think, feel and behave with money reveals your money type.

Your money type impacts your financial decisions and the way you behave in a relationship when it comes to money. It can bring you great joy or create tension. Your money type is neither good nor bad - it just is what it is. Discovering, understanding and embracing your money type is an important step on the road to financial well-being.

There are seven unique money types and each of them is modeled for us by one of seven biblical characters. You’ll resonate with one of these seven money types more than the other six.

Today, I want to explore the third of the seven money types: The Jacob type. The Jacob type is all about using money to create and pursue beautiful experiences or purchases. Like Jacob in the Scripture, they have a flare for extravagance (who can forget that technicolor coat he made for Joseph?). Jacob is over-the-top and a very engaging, highly emotive character with a flare for dramatic moments. Our Jacob type friends live, love and spend big on things, moments and people they enjoy. They must stand out and won't get excited about anything that's off-the-rack that just anyone would wear.

Jacob types love to use money to live to the full and draw out life's full colors and flavors. 

When a Jacob type sees something they desire, their first thought is not, "How much is this?" but rather, "I must have this!" They're drawn to beauty. In fact, they have an eye for beauty that transcends anything you'll see from any of the other types. They see beauty beneath the surface and tend toward artistic inclinations.

Each type has a shadow side and the shadow side for a Jacob type is self-indulgence. They can overspend to create appearances and appear to live high on the hog while their bank account is depleted.

In The Seven Money Types, I help you better understand the Jacob type, its core characteristics and shadow side. I also give you tips to grow and resolve financial tension.

Understanding and embracing your money type empowers you to use money in a way that brings you joy, while being aware of your money type’s pitfalls or shadow side. This understanding can also bring about greater unity in a relationship.

For now, I want to encourage Jacob types to consider doing one of the following:

  • Use your love for beauty to create a beautiful moment or give a beautiful gift to someone who would never expect it and doesn't have these sorts of things happen to them often.
  • Be careful of your love for the limelight. Give an anonymous gift to a co-worker or friend that will brighten their day. 
  • Limit your budget for a week pertaining to what you'd spend on yourself and use that money for a cause or person who is going through a rough time.

The bottom line about Jacob types: You are the life of the party and you make us realize that life truly is good. Everything you touch seems to brighten, so don't dampen your own style in order to blend into the drab around you. You reveal to us God's beauty, so like God, be others-centered in how you use beauty to change the world.

If you’re curious about your money type, take the quiz. 

The Seven Money Types is available in print, Kindle and audiobook.

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