Year One: A Look Back and Ahead

One year ago today, Pi Day (3.14), we delivered a dream into the world: The Seven Money Types was published by HarperCollins. We're celebrating with a giveaway (see below).

It's fitting that I type these words at 2:29am. You see, I wrote this book in the dark, mostly between the hours of 3am and 7:30am.

When you have a passion, it awakens you in every way.

I want to say, "Thank you" for being part of this dream coming true.

To my friends and team who've believed in this concept enough to let me present at their church, event, podcast, radio program, newspaper, magazine, blog and so on - thank you. To new readers who've joined the conversation - thank you. We're just getting started.

We've struck a match. We're about to fan the flame.

One of the most frequent questions an author gets is, "How's the book doing?" What they actually mean is, "How many copies has the book sold?" I know for sure that the book has sold one copy (well, two - one to my mother and this other one...).

This one copy made it into the hands of a young woman in another state. She posted a photo of herself holding the book. Her eyes were red from crying, but they were also clear and happy. She said that for the first time she was awakening to her soul's true path with money and she didn't feel shame anymore. As a Jacob type, who loves to use money to create beautiful experiences, she's been told by the church that these desires were bad, excessive, sinful. She's found freedom, and you can't take it away from her. Have you taken The Seven Money Types quiz?

Before I forget, the book is being published in Polish and Romanian. Why Polish and Romanian? Because they have good taste in literature.

You'll soon notice that we're about to expand into new themes and spaces.

  • Watch my social accounts for Daily Abundance thoughts. You see, abundance is not about amounts but about awareness of how God and life intersect all the time, and especially in our finances. I want to help shape this conversation from a Christian perspective.
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  • We're about to begin working on curriculum for The Seven Money Types. My goal is to get a resource into your hands that you can use to guide a group or bible study. So many have asked for it. It's time to get to work.

So many good things are on the horizon. I'm finding deep joy in creating in the stewardship space. Again, thank you for an amazing year. I hope to serve you even better in the coming year.