Free Devotional - Seeds: Grow a Giving Life

Seeds is a brief devotional that helps you become more mindful and intentional in your heart's relationship to money, offering fresh perspective on the role that giving plays in the formation of an inner life that deeply desires to do God's will above all else. These brief thoughts afford both spiritual insight and practical application to create the space for God to work in and through the area of finances. Learn the attitudes that posture the heart to be open, available, and ready to effectively handle God's resources.



God Remains: A Spiritual Memoir of Wrestling With Miscarriage

From the foreword by Dr. Michelle Voss Roberts: 

This small book is a work of courage; and if you will open it, it may give you courage as well. Courage, from the Latin cor and the French coeur, is a work of heart. Perhaps you have suffered reproductive loss—miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, infertility, or infant death. Your heart may be broken wide open. Perhaps you need courage to witness the loss experienced by a family member, friend, or parishioner. Your heart stretches out to grasp meaning that has fled. With the weary heart of a pastor, a parent, and a would-be parent, Tommy Brown courageously refuses words too readily at hand. He searches out the Spirit who hovers over the chaotic deep.  


In this new e-book, Enter the Mountain: What Does it Mean to be Pentecostal?, Tommy explores the foundations of Pentecostalism in the most unlikely of places - a sustainable Jewish living community in Falls Village, Connecticut. There, he has an experience with a rabbi that expands his views on what it means to be Pentecostal.

$2.2 Million Turnaround in Three Months

Watch the story unfold as Tommy led a congregation he served through a collective $2.2 million financial turnaround in just three months. The story is also captured in this article by the Dave Ramsey organization.


Face Your Financial Giant

Every person and family faces financial giants. In this brief message, Tommy helps hearers connect with their why so they can face whatever financial giant that comes their way. This message inspired 654 families to take practical steps toward financial wellbeing.



Vocation: Claim Your Voice

In this excerpt from a talk on vocation, Tommy explores the connections between faith, work, and experiencing meaningfulness.