Tommy's greatest passions are preaching and teaching. He spent the past fifteen years speaking to audiences both large and small, from intimate groups such as leadership teams to audiences of 2,000+. While there are many topics close to Tommy's heart, he's focused on helping audiences connect the dots between faith and finances, especially through talks on his new book, The Seven Money Types. Please visit the Contact form to book Tommy for your event.


In The Seven Money Types workshop, Tommy guides participants through an understanding of the role money types play in the ways they think, feel, and act financially. The session unleashes confidence in people by giving them the tools and understanding of how they’re designed to use money for good and God in the world, while resolving financial tensions. Filled with laughter and aha! moments, participants experience teachings on faith and finances that shatter the walls we often place between God and money. This seminar is ideal for churches seeking to help their people mature in Christian stewardship. 


Tommy works with churches, businesses, and non-profits to align programs and systems for effectiveness.

Topics Include

Channel Seven Streams of Generosity - Unleash Generosity by Understanding Money Types

  • Overview of The Seven Money Types: Discover How God Wired You to Handle Money
  • Understand the role that a person's money type plays in motivating them to give
  • Insights from a $1B capital campaign that is two years ahead of schedule
  • Cut through clutter and discover fundraising materials that make the most impact

Engage the Three Phases of Financial Maturity - Structure Your Stewarship Ministries

  • Learn to identify the three phases of financial maturity
  • Identify and create programs that keep people growing in stewardship
  • Learn to create a culture of generosity and stewardship through effective programming

Close Your Church's Back Door - Most Financial Problems Are Assimilation Problems

  • Learn the three questions you must answer for your attendees if you want to retain them
  • Learn to create experiences that integrate congregants into the life of church community
  • Learn the principles and practices that Tommy created that helped a church stop hemorrhaging attendees and retain 88.5% of those who experienced his assimilation process