Faith and finances can partner to bring God's beauty and wholeness into the world. 

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Thomas' works include the financial devotional Seeds, the audio series Sense, articles, blogs, and more. 


A sought-after communicator on myriad topics, Thomas specializes in helping audiences explore the intersections of Christian faith and finances.



With a heart to equip the local church with the insights and resources necessary to experience holistic financial wellbeing. Thomas strengthens churches through preaching and consulting.


2001-2008: Thomas graduated from Southeastern University with a degree in Pastoral Ministry and was hired at the 1,000+ member Generations United Church. He was received his License to Preach with the Assemblies of God in 2001 and was ordained in 2003. Under his leadership, student and young adult ministries grew from 78 to 350 students and from 12 to 44 volunteers. His communicating, leadership, and organizational abilities architected a ministry structure built to last. He elevated Beach Freak from a regional student camp to a national, premier student experience attracting in excess of 700 students from across the nation. His network of churches and leaders from these camps spans the country and includes nationally-recognized pastors, authors and speakers. Alongside his wife, Thomas developed a significant real estate portfolio, which sharpened his entrepreneurial and business skills and allowed his family to pursue further ministry endeavors.

2008-2014: Thomas completed a Masters of Science in Management, emphasized in Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness in 2008. He was hired at the 2,000+ member Winston-Salem First Church (WSF) that same year. There, Thomas served as a member of the executive leadership team as Teaching Pastor. He oversaw adult ministries, stewardship, communications, assimilation, and discipleship ministries. His responsibilities included oversight of over two dozen full-time employees and thirteen departments. He was a featured member of the preaching team. In 2010, Thomas was selected for participation in the esteemed Leadership Winston-Salem Cohort, which chooses influential leaders from across disciplines in the city to collaborate on civic challenges and leadership opportunities. In 2012, Thomas led the church through a significant stewardship experience, helping 654 families collectively retire over $150,000 in debt and save $770,197, leading to a $2.2 million financial turnaround. That year, the church experienced a 16% increase in unrestricted charitable donations. This captured the attention of the Dave Ramsey organization, who featured Thomas as a contributor in their print communications and as a speaker at their Momentum Pastor's Conference, which was hosted by Thomas' friend Chris Hogan. Thomas emerged as a sought-after resource for churches and individuals desiring to increase a capacity for financial wellbeing while producing the financial devotional Seeds: Grow a Giving Life and Sense: Experience Deep Financial Change. In 2013 and 2014, Thomas chaired sessions for Regent University's conference on spiritual renewal.

2014-Present: In 2014, Thomas graduated top of his class from Wake Forest University's School of Divinity (WFUSD) with his second Masters Degree, strengthening his innate talents in both business and ministry. While at WFUSD, Thomas was instrumental in creating the University's Financial Wellbeing Initiative. That same year, Thomas was hired as the Director of Account Management and Planning for Wake Forest's Communications and External Relations Department. There, he's a member of the strategic leadership team, working with an award-winning team of writers and artists to raise $1,000,000,000 for Wake Will: The Campaign for Wake Forest. Thomas brings his experience as a communicator, strategist, stewardship writer and consultant, and leader to leverage the resources available to fund the aspirations of the next generation of Wake Foresters. Still, Thomas remains an ordained minister and member of the teaching team at Winston-Salem First Church, a consultant for their financial initiatives, and a featured teacher and speaker for classes, seminars, and services while maintaining availability to communicate at other churches and conferences. He also is a featured contributor on financial matters for the My Big Jesus blog, which attracts a monthly readership in excess of 23,000. 





In 2012, Seeds was published as a resource for churches to help individuals connect the dots between life with God and their personal finances. Filled with sound Scriptural teaching and heart-expanding stories, Seeds has helped thousands of readers grow a giving life. 


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Sense: Experience Deep Financial Change 

Sense combines inspirational teaching with practical instruction, preparing your heart to better relate to money, and providing coaching to improve your financial position. Filled with humor, stories, and biblical instruction, this four-part series is a great first-step on the road to a financial future founded on God's principles. 

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Momentum Brings Unexpected Benefits

In this article written for Dave Ramsey's Momentum newsletter for church leaders, Thomas chronicles how he led the congregation he served into a collective $2.2 million financial turnaround in just three months. Watch the story unfold.

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Featured Blogger

Thomas is a featured contributor on financial matters for the My Big Jesus blog. He also contributes to other blogs, such as Wake Forest University's Unfolding.



Sacred Money


Henri Nouwen, A Catholic priest, once taught that, in order to cultivate one’s relationship with the Lord, a person should keep the following practices in place each day:

Specific Time: set aside a specific time to devote to study, worship, prayer, etc. while keeping an attitude of the same throughout the day.

Single Focus: know what you will read, think about, pray about, etc., as best you can, in advance.

Sacred Space: because the mind craves routine, you can train it to anticipate a sacred experience when it arrives in a sacred space, whether that is a favorite chair, couch, desk, trail, etc. The important part is that this is a space that is used almost exclusively for these purposes.

I’ve found these principles, properly applied, cultivate a sound and sacred experience of money as well. Keep reading...